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Straying from the Typical this Father's Day

Straying from the Typical this Father's Day

Growing up I seemed to always rotate the same gifts for my dad every Father's Day--a tie, a coupon book and the occasional treat.

This year, when celebrating Father's Day for my husband with my own family, I wanted to give some thing different, unique and useful. I decided to give the gift of a custom made wooden watch from JORD. 


Why a watch?

For us watches have history. For our first Christmas as a couple, Ryan bought me a rose gold watch. Rose Gold became a staple of ours. Every piece of jewelry he bought me from that point on incorporated rose gold--right up to our engagement when he presented me with a rose gold diamond ring. (insert all the heart eyes). I bought him a rose gold watch in return for our engagement as well. He loved it and wore it until it broke. It is fitting that our love story up to marriage starts and ends with a watch--a tale told between to time pieces.

Why a JORD watch?

JORD watches are sturdy and comfortable with their wooden frames. They offered a large selection of designs and finishes, letting me pick the most perfect one for my husband--Dover Ebony and Copper--which shines perfectly like a rose gold tone ;). Their watches are customizable and made to specifically to size your wrist! JORD makes a perfect gift as it offers a personal touch many other watch companies do not have. Their timepieces have a timeless design. I know we will be putting this to good use for a long time.


If you like the idea of straying from the typical and giving a JORD watch, you are in luck as I am running a giveaway THAT ENDS 6/4 to get one of their watches. The winner will receive $100 towards a JORD watch, but everyone will receive $25 off just for entering.

You can shop all JORD's men's watches here
If you're also interested women's watches, you can find those here


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Happy Ten Months, Clairvaux & Adelaide!

Happy Ten Months, Clairvaux & Adelaide!