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Our Favorite Bows

What do all of these photos have in common? 

Our favorite bows--My Petite Lemon!

I put out an IG post months ago about the best bows out there for my girls. They had just finally grown out of the newborn ones friends and family made/gave to us. I got a lot of good answers, but none that really stuck out to me as hitting all the points I wanted when I stumbled upon My Petite Lemon.

My Petite Lemon is a shop of handmade bows and here's what makes them so special:

1. Handmade and Chemical-free

All bows are sewn and stitched together using no chemicals nor glue in the process. This makes it substantially safer for small children. As we all know, babies like to explore with their mouths, and if a chunk of glue were to come off of a bow at an inopportune moment, it could become a choking hazard. I love that I can know my girls will be safe and unharmed with these bows.

2. Made with Vintage Material

This often means that the bows are very rare, if not one of a kind. I love that I know I'm both adorning them with a cute piece of history, but also something unique. They get lumped together enough as twins, it is nice knowing they can stand out.

3. Support Momtrepreneur 

This whole shop is run by Laurel who is a very sweet mom and entrepreneur. She hand-makes each and every bow and runs the whole shop by herself. Moms support moms; and I love supporting small businesses too, so it's nice to know my business is helping to support a family and not some large corporation. (Nothing wrong with big business, but I like to buy small when it's feasible).

Check out Laurel's shop, My Petite Lemon here

You can follow her on IG here

Use my code: AMY10 to get 10% off. 


C & A are 11 months old!!

Straying from the Typical this Father's Day

Straying from the Typical this Father's Day