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4 Tips to a Relaxing Day with Babes

4 Tips to a Relaxing Day with Babes

You know those days where you just want to keep it low key? Those days where you need a little bit of peace from the chaos of life to keep your sanity. I need a lot of these days. Parenting two nine month olds can be very chaotic and tough at times, so I do often feel the need for a breather. Here are some of the things that I have found that really help:

1. Lots of Coffee for Mom

Let's be real, coffee is needed even on those chaotic days. But there's something about sipping a warm beverage that really changes the tone of your day. Add in a little quiet reading of a nice book, and you're off to almost "day away" status.

2. DockATots

We recently received our DockATots in the mail and they are a game changer! DockATot is a multifunctional lounger. Trust me--we use it a lot! It is comfier than your own mattress. It's breathable and 100% cotton. My girls love to play, relax and sleep in it! 

I've found this to be the perfect key to a relaxing day for a couple of reasons. Firstly, its so comfy that when they sleep or nap in it, they tend to sleep longer! This means more me-time!!! Victory! Secondly, because of its comfort they are willing to calmly play in it. I mean just look at those smiles. They half lounge, half play, which means I can pay a little more attention to my coffee and book, while they get the hang of relaxation themselves!

You can find one for yourself here.

3. Turn off the Phone

To a certain degree, being on your phone is relaxing. It can engage you or connect you with other moms. It'll let you talk to other adults and feel a greater sense of support and community. At the same time, it can be a huge time drainer, and when you obsessively check notifications it can actually increase anxiety and be counter productive for a relaxation day! This is why I find the most relaxing days to be those where I put the phone away and just take in each moment at a time.

4. PJs for Mom, Finn and Emma for Babies


It's no secret that you need comfy clothes to get in full relaxation mode. Some people prefer buttery soft leggings, but I'm more of a PJs kind of girl. For my girls, they sleep in the zipadee zip and its not conducive to a fair play time, so in lieu of PJs, we opt for our 100% organic cotton Finn and Emma shorts. Want to talk about buttery soft? These really knock it out of the park. My girls love playing in them and lounging in them because they are so soft. I love using Finn and Emma because they have a very generous fit which means they'll fit for a long time--which means more relaxation days for me!

You can shop their shorts (and Pjs if those are your thing) here

(All opinions are 100% genuine. Parts of this blog post are sponsored)

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