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Project 333: Cleaning Out Your Closet

Project 333: Cleaning Out Your Closet

Ryan and I, using Kon Mari  and a few other techniques, cleaned out our closet and ended up getting rid of over 100lbs of clothing between the two of us. 

Here's a step by step guide to how we accomplished it:

1. Take every single item out of your closet and throw it on the floor

Yes, this will cause a big mess. But it's so worth it. You take all your shoes, belts, hats, gloves, shirts, etc. all to the floor. Ryan and I put it all in our living room so we could watch some of our favorite television shows at the same time. In this step, you also need to take any clothes you have stuck in your car, or the laundry and throw them on the floor as well.

You'll think to yourself "oh I can just look through my closet with all that stuff hanging there and eyeball it." In order to be successful, you need to see all your items all laid out. This step should not be skipped for the sake of convenience.

2. Take each item, piece by piece, and ask yourself "Does this spark joy?"

Remember the end goal. Imagine a wardrobe where every piece is your favorite piece, where you get excited to wear each and every item in it. The temptation when you are going through and deciding whether or not to keep an item, is to think logically about it. You'll ask yourself "Will I need this?" & then you'll justify a fancy scenario in your head where it might com in handy. (Oh, this sweater I need for those ugly christmas sweater parties, or this dress would be great whenever I have to attend another spring graduation..) This will not help you achieve your goal.

Instead, think with your heart. Ask yourself, "Do I LOOOOOVE this item?" and "Does it bring me joy?" only if the answer is a resounding yes, then keep it. Warning: it is very, very hard to keep to this measure, but it is imperative to a successful closet clean out.

3. Sort according to the measure above

You'll want to preemptively sort your "get rid of it" pile into "donate" "resell" and "secondhand store". I'll be discussing those options next week!

A final few tips and tricks:

-Do this with someone else. Creating accountability for such a huge task is necessary.
-If you stop in the middle of sorting, do not put your clothes back or away until you have finished the deed. Yes, your house may be a mess for a while but it is important to the process.
-Once you sort something into the "get rid of" pile, do not take it back. However, take a second (or third) glance at your "keep" pile to make sure you are deciding well.  

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