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LulaRoe - A Modern Shopping Experience

LulaRoe - A Modern Shopping Experience

I've been hearing for quite some time that LulaRoe clothes are an amazing godly mix of comfortable, flattering and cute. So I decided to give it a try. 

LulaRoe clothes are sold directly through consultants. You can find a local consultant pretty easily just by asking around, but you can also just search "LulaRoe" into facebook and a plethora of groups will pop up. I used my friend Susana's LulaRoe boutique which is called "The LulaRose Garden". It is amazing.

You can join it here

LulaRoe has a collection of clothing where you can be confident in their different styles and how they will look. Their collection includes everything from leggings, to different cuts of shirts/tunics, to dresses, skirts, you name it. Each unique style has a name (i.e. Irma, Classic, Perfect, Lola, Madison, Amelia).

Now, the fun part is that the styles come in select cuts but not select colors or patterns. There are actually only 5000 of each cut in a specific pattern, and the consultant never knows what patterns or colors she'll be receiving until she opens her box. The consultant then puts her items online in her LulaRoe facebook group and has a sale. Sales are usually set at specified times. You look around at all the pictures and when you find one you like, you hope to God that no one has claimed it. If you are the first to claim it, you get the item! Not going to lie there's a definite rush of adrenalin from this kind of shopping. It is addictingly fun.

Personally, my favorite part of LulaRoe is how easy the buying is for the shopper. After having my twin girls, I was at a loss when it came to shopping for new clothes. My body was changing. I was unsure of my size or what cuts would now flatter me. Every shopping trip was long & filled with tears. LulaRoe gave me some confidence. I didn't have to bring my screaming babies into a store just for me to try on 80 outfits and hate them all. Rather I could confidently buy from the comfort of my home select styles I already knew fit & flattered me. It was a game changer!

Now, when I saw that Susana was having an outfit sale I was pumped because those are my favorites! Outfit sales are when the consultant styles together several pieces for you and you can buy them in a bundle. And then when I realized her outfit sale was centered around VALENTINE'S DAY LEGGINGS I couldn't wait.

My goal: to find a cute outfit which would include themed leggings for Valentine's Day but also be subtle enough I could pull them off at other times. & boy did Susana deliver.

It is so much fun to shop with Susana because she really goes out of her way to style her LulaRoe so you can always see the utility and versatility of the product. She answers all questions with a timely response. And she'll look out for you if anything exceptionally cute comes her way.

Here are a few of the outfits I saw on her sale:

I immediately knew that I wanted the purple heart black leggings. I loved the adorable Irma too, but it wasn't my right size. I commented "sold pending swap" with my real size and a different shirt which I like the cut of more and waited to see what Susana would pair for me.

This was what she sent back:

I was so excited! I had actually scouted out that exact Perfect T a few days prior. I loved the way they fit together but also felt like I would wear them each on their own in an entirely different outfit. I claimed the outfit and Susana shipped it to me the next day. 

The leggings will make you feel like you should find the nearest brick wall, prop up your foot and smile at the ground. It's amazing!

Isn't it so lovely?! It's just as comfortable as they claim also. I feel free to wrangle my babes all day long while still styling in these awesome clothes. This was my first purchase and I'll definitely be making several more in the future.

Susana is having a sale TONIGHT at 5PM MST! Click the link. join her group, and check it out!

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