The Cutest Fantasy Football Party


If you know me, then you know how much I love fantasy football. This year I offered to throw the draft party. It’s really hard to make fantasy football cute but this was my best attempt.

I had “spiked lemonade” and “concessions” which were just cupcakes with the football pics in them and brownies I bought at the store but put on frosting to make it look like laces. The game time sign was a target dollar section find (I think it’s called spot’s playground now?!) The rest of the decor was picked up at Michael’s. I didn’t have time to craft much but I did bunch together the flowers for my take on a fantasy football vase.

My color choices were intentional with the NFL logo, but I think it was mainly unnoticed since I liked my highlight color a lot more than red and blue :)


As far as the draft it went really well! Although I did lose some of my choices to an unfortunate auto-draft event when I was nursing Isla. I have high hopes for the season even though I am starting with a 0-1 record.

We ended the night with a champagne toast. I’m so glad I have friends willing to try stuff like this out with me.


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