Reflections on 3 Under 2


In just a little over two weeks, my twin babes will turn two years old! We will graduate from 3 kids 1 and under to 3 under 3. WooHoo!! It's been a crazy ride.

Sometimes when people see me in public they act aghast. They see a crew of young children with a *hopefully still* young-looking mother and they just can't resist their inner urge to comment. Here are some of the comments I've been privy to since having Isla:

- "How do you do it?"
- "You really have your hands full!" (This is an upgrade. It used to just be you have your hands full
- "Don't you have a TV?"
- "You know how children are made, right?"

My favorite one so far was about how I should feel ashamed for adding another carbon footprint.

I'm mostly used to it by now and on good days I can usually just shrug it off. And it makes sense to me why they think this way. It all comes down to what they see.

They see an exhausted mom, two loud toddlers, a wiggly baby (usually at least two of us have lost a shoe). They hear my tired voice correct my toddlers several times. They think we must be at our wits end, our house must be a mess, we must never get time to ourselves, money must be tight. AND THEY'RE RIGHT.

But since it's my life, I get to see things differently. I see my kids growing up as best friends. I see two tender hearts that have only grow in love for their sister. I've never seen a baby more entertained than Isla watching C & A destroy my house. I hear all the giggles. I feel all the snuggles. I kiss all the aches. I spend my day with three little people, all of whom have an infinite desire to be loved, and love them the best I can. 

Life with 3 kids under 2 has often meant long nights, long days, listening to lots of whining, lots of fights, lots of tears, energy stretched so thin, things inevitably going wrong and a crazy amount of mom guilt about that.

But it also has meant lots of laughter, lots of love, lots of moments when you wish you could freeze time and just let that moment be your new forever. & those times always win.

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