Goodbye 24, Hello 25


It wasn't long ago that 25 sounded so old to me. Now that I have approached the day, I know for a fact that it is really just another age of babies in disguise. Every year on my birthday I like to reflect on the past year and think of all the best moments that made the year so special. I also like to look ahead to the upcoming year and think about what goals I can set to make it even better. I want to be like great wine that only gets better with age! This year, I'm sharing my thoughts with all of you!


Reasons to be grateful:

-I had baby Isla! She is the most precious gift ever. I'm forever grateful for all the extra smiles and cuddles that have been added to my life.

- I was able to graduate from grad school!  Given the support of my family, I was able to accomplish a life goal of mine.

- I won at fantasy football (and just in general realized I loved playing).

-Ryan & I came to know and understand each other even more. We communicate with each other even better. & we, as a couple, have become even closer this year.

-We almost have finished our first major home project.

- I became a contributing writer at EpicPew.

- I've been able to grow in community with my friends. I've become closer to many friends. I've been able to make an effort to rekindle some other friendships, even if unsuccessfully. 

-I've enjoyed several visits from family this year. I have loved watching my kids enjoy their extended family members and extended family members loving on our kids.

-I've had the joy of witnessing my girls grow in knowledge, in their abilities, in their wonder and in their zeal for life.

-I had a major self-realization that I have adult ADHD-C.

-God has made his love known to me in a new way this year.

-I've strengthened my ability and willingness to be vulnerable and to let others in. I've cared more about what people think in a really good way. I've also grown to worry less about what people think about me.

-I've grown more confident in my talents. I've done a better job of identifying weaknesses and asking for help.


My wishes:

-I want to make a new friend!

-I want to become more focused, more organized, and keep an even tidier home.

-I want to develop a new skill

-I want to grow my blog and my writing in general

-I want to launch one creative project

-I want to teach my children more intentionally. I want to be even better at giving them all my attention when we are spending time together.

-I want to spend more one-on-one time with my kids,

-I want to prioritize dating Ryan

-I want to make my own weekly holy hour.

-I want to read of the Gospels every day.

-I want to collaborate with Ryan on at least one creative project. I want to be a major supporter to at least one endeavor of his.

-I want to contribute to our family financially.

To another great year!

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