Fiat Once Again


Welcome back!

I took some time off (almost a whole year) to catch up on some unfinished business. However, now that I have attended to the unfinished business, I want to get back to my passion for writing. So welcome to Our Family Fiat 2.0 where we have a new logo, a working subscribe button & tons of new content.

Last time around, I received some discouragement. I encountered people, both friends and strangers, who made fun of or belittled my blog. & honestly, some of it got to me. But over the past year I've realized that the key to letting it go is being proud of the content I post. I realized that my daily posting goals made it so at times I was releasing posts I was not fully proud of. I decided to fix that.

This time around, I'm coming to you with no promise of when I'll post except that I'm committed to this blog, so make sure you subscribe or follow me on Instagram to stay in the know. Please check out my about page, and my recent posts. Email or DM me on instagram (or holla at me IRL) any and all feedback. My hope is to truly engage with and get to know anyone who bothers to read this blog and to grow in relationship with you.