DIY Minimalist Wreath

For those of you that know me, you know I love a good DIY. I first started getting into crafting when I was pregnant with C & A. I made almost every piece of décor in their entire nursery. It was hard for me to feel bonded with them while pregnant, so I used crafting as a time where I could really get excited for their arrival, do something active just for them, and pray for them while I made it. Crafting made me feel really close to them, and along the way I've grown to love a good DIY in general. I've had many fails, but this particular one I'm sharing today was a great success! 

Here's a really quick DIY that's fun to do in one night with friends (wine recommended).


You'll need wire cutters, hot glue, green floral tape, green wire, silk flowers and greenery, and a metal wreath circle with a diameter of your liking.

I was able to pick up all of the above for less than $20 at Michaels.

First, you'll need to sort through your chosen silk flowers and greenery, and cut off the pieces you want to put on your wreath.

Next, do a practice arrangement to see how it looks all together.

Finally, when you know how you'd like it to look, simply hot glue the pieces onto the metal. For pieces that are more difficult to adhere, consider cutting your wire and wrapping it around the wreath. When finished, use the green tape to cover any unsightly wires.

My favorite part of this project was how when I was done my husband asked me when I would be finishing the rest of the wreath! It took me maybe an hour total but I was working pretty slowly.  

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