Personality Differences


One of the questions I am most asked about having twins is about their differences. Here are a few that we've noticed at this stage of their lives.

Adelaide is expressive. She is not afraid to show or tell you how she feels. Her eyebrows are a great giveaway for when she's thinking or frustrated. She will furrow her brows or give you the biggest smile that lights up her whole face when she's happy or amused. She shakes her fists and stomps her feet when she's angry, but will quickly do a happy dance minutes later. She is attentive to the needs of others. If she hears Isla crying she'll say "Baby Isla sad" to alert me. When she notices that Clairvaux is sad because she wanted to play with a toy, she will gladly give it to her "here you go, sister!". She also will go and rub her sisters backs unprompted when they are crying "it's okay baby". She is a great helper. She loves to bring something to us or throw something away. She likes to hold baby Isla, and she likes to be held, too. "Hold you, mama!" she says to me several times a day. Adelaide loves monkeys, necklaces and baby dolls. She is a very good pretend mama to her baby doll. She likes to copy whatever I do to/for Isla for her own baby doll. Adelaide loves to sing, particularly "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". She will often sing unprompted when we are driving in the car. She is usually the first one to warm up to other people and she tends to talk directly to her friends. 

Clairvaux wants to figure the whole world out, and she's quite good at it, actually. She can be found buckling buckles, zipping zippers, opening and closing gates, putting diapers on and off her baby doll, taking her own clothes on and off--you name it. For some reason, she loves coffee and the idea of having something in her pocket. Clairvaux loves to feel beautiful, and in the occasion she is wearing an outfit she truly loves, she will twirl and ham it up unprompted. She likes to play with select toys for long periods of time. She is pretty much a pro at taking any toy she has interest in. Clairvaux likes to read out loud. She likes to list off all the words she knows and show you her toys, like she's the one teaching it to you. When she plays pretend, she is very methodical. She even knows the correct order of steps to brew a cup of pretend coffee. Clairvaux is very caring and likes to sit on the lap of whoever her current favorite parent is, and NOT the other one. She is known to climb anything and if there is a way to escape her playroom she'll find it. She likes to build things with her legos and does not lose interest quickly. She LOVES to swing on the swings at parks. She's never afraid to repeat herself when she knows what she wants. Clairvaux loves to make others laugh and she has even made up some of her own recurring jokes.

We try very hard to not compare them to each other but rather let their own personalities speak for themselves, so we do try to refrain from "more/less" language when talking about either of them. Sometimes it is unavoidable, however.

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