DIY Banner

I recently had a fun craft night with my awesome friend Kelly.

Kelly really inspires me with her creativity, kind soul and willingness to try anything new. I always love trying new things. 

Ry and I talk a lot about that facet of my identity. I assumed it was a universal quality because of how strongly I've always felt the urge to try something new. Ry feels the opposite. He likes to excel at certain things, and has a stronger desire to feel competent and excellent in a skill than he does to try new things.

Anyway, I'm a try anything, learn anything type of gal and when it comes to crafts there's still a lot to learn!! I feel kind of silly sharing this DIY because my friend Kelly did the hard work, and let me take home all these beautiful banners with which I can shower my home. But regardless, here it is.

1. Sew a banner

I have no clue how to do this so don't ask me. Haha, this blog is ridiculous. I know it requires fabric, a sewing machine and then a wooden dowel and string to complete it. I'm sure however you could buy a blank banner at walgreens if you didn't want to learn sewing, or don;t have an awesome friend like I do.

2. Print Out Graphic

So you can choose sayings you want, and then draw them freehand on cardstock and cut it out, or you can digitally make a graphic, print and cut it out. We used a cool machine with an app that cuts the graphic out for you. So this step was also simple for us. 

3. Hot Glue the Graphic to the Banner

Depending on the kind of material used to make the banner, I'm guessing you could also get some iron on patches, and try that out. This route worked fine for us though.

Here's the finished work!