Happy Ten Months, Clairvaux & Adelaide!

Adelaide and Clairvaux  are ten months old today! We've had a great month with them. They are both crawling EVERYWHERE, usually at fast speeds. They have also learned to pull and push up to stand. They are starting to play together. This has been the first month they haven't sprouted a new tooth in quite some time. Both love to sway to music and are currently digging the Moana soundtrack.

Adelaide had a scare this month when we thought she may have broken her foot. But despite her need to heal from a sprain, she has still learned to crawl and pull to stand. She's very brave. She has started to match Clairvaux's swaying dance move. She loves her hoop and will point to it when asked. She also said "peekaboo" this month and it sounded like "ooo ooo boo" 😂😍 She has a slight preference for her dad and she still gives  a smile that melts your heart.

Clairvaux is always getting into something. When we leave her for her nap, she stands up in her crib and sways by herself in the dark room for quite some time before giving up and going to sleep. She likes to open the baby gate, crawl out of the playroom and take the dog food and splash the water bowl when I'm not looking. She is starting to cruise and transfer. She can push her walker with some encouragement. She can stand by herself but only for a few seconds and only if she thinks you're holding onto her. She loves blowing kisses and has a high preference for her mama right now whom she affectionately calls "Ma Dada"

Here's to another great month! Adelaide and Clairvaux continue to bring more joy and love into our hearts than we thought possible.