Happy Nine Months, C & A!

Adelaide & Clairvaux are nine months old today! This year is going by way too fast--I can't even believe it. Both girls still have 8 teeth, but they are all in so you can see their toothy smiles and giggles now. Both have mastered "Dada" and are starting on "Mama". Both are becoming more interested in food, thank goodness. They both learned to point this month. They love bath time and their swim lessons at the pool. They are still generally good sleepers with a terrible night or two here and there just to make us question our sanity.

Adelaide loves our pets. She also has said "Meow". She tries so hard to clap, but can't quite figure it out yet. She loves to wave, talk and try to sing. Adelaide is super happy and wiggly, and very fearless when it comes to trying new things. She is social and smiles at most every one she meets. She is standing up assisted and working on pulling herself to stand. She has gone up on all four a handful of times, but alas no crawling yet.

Clairvaux loves to stand and practice walking. She can pull herself up some of the time and has started letting go and standing by herself for a couple of seconds. She has started crawling on all fours with steps here and there but her main mode of transportation is still rolling. I think that will change in just a matter of days. Clairvaux still sways and dances to every bit of music she hears. She can also wave and signs "up". She loves to be held.

They are still my pride and joy so much. They have forever changed my life. I hope I never forget these precious memories of them so young. I feel like they've already grown up so much.