The First Time I Changed a Diaper

Well, this is actually a story about the first time I changed one of my own girls' diapers. I had changed many before, but never of a newborn, especially not a newborn so small.

So, it was ten days after the girls were born that I finally geared up to change a diaper. I had a c-section and recovering from that was so tough, Ryan handled every single diaper change before then. It was finally my turn.

I looked at my little baby girl. She was so fragile and so little. It broke my heart to hear her cry. I was worried about doing it wrong or hurting her. Ryan stood beside me and showed me how he had become accustomed to doing it.

So first I checked and realized it was definitely a poopy diaper. Then I carefully laid the new diaper underneath. I undid the first diaper and wiped her. As I was taking the dirty diaper out, she pooped again. So I wiped that off and got a new diaper and put it underneath. Before I could take the dirty one out, she pooped again. So I wiped her again and took out the double dirty diaper. Put on the clean diaper. & I hear the dreaded sound.... She had pooped yet again. So I undo the diaper. Wipe her. Lay down the clean diaper. Take out the dirty diaper. Put on the clean diaper. Do up her onesie. Nothing.

Finally, I looked at Ryan and said "Thank goodness that's over."

& then we heard her poop again. A total of six diapers. 40 minutes of my life. Ryan laughed so hard at me. We still laugh about it to this day.