A Review of Our Family Trip to Lost Dutchman State Park

Our most recent family trip was a bit of a chaotic blast. It was my dad's last day in town and we decided to go wildflower hunting. We chose Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction, AZ because of its proximity and because a wildflower hunting website recommended their blooms this season.

I say it was chaotic because it was. We forgot both of our baby carriers so we had to hold the girls. And somehow I messed up giving the memo to my Dad because he was wearing flip flops. We probably only ended up spending an hour there but it was well worth it.

The views were breathtaking. We were able to admire the mountain. Even though we were only at its base, we had an amazing view of the city. I could see all the way to camelback and downtown from there! 

There were wildflowers everywhere! Poppies were the most frequent find. It felt like the whole base was painted gold. I was also able to find many of my personal favorites, blooms off of cacti. Their color was amazing. It seemed like we definitely came at a peak time to see the wildflowers.

The girls did well. They love the outdoors! They were bending over every which way they could to check out the whole scene. We did have to stop and feed them along the way. There wasn't much shade but we just made a makeshift shade ourselves. We didn't complete a trail, but I'd love to come back with the carriers and do the whole treasure loop or come back with just Ryan and actually go up the mountain. 

There is a small fee of $7 for parking for the day.

On our way back, we noticed a cool looking small museum: The Superstition Mountain Museum. We stopped and found out that the whole outside is free! There are several really cool exhibits. One exhibit was a chapel dedicated to Elvis. Another was a barn that was in the major film studio town in AZ before it burned down in 2004.

There was also a huge stamp mill and a large toy train set up. We looked around and highly enjoyed ourselves at this free place!