Happy Eight Months C & A!


It has been a great month for Clairvaux & Adelaide. They can both clearly say "Dada". They both have mastered the art of rolling around the room to get the toy they want. They each have seven teeth. They loooove listening to music and socializing with people. They love hugs and love to give kisses, even to each other!

Adelaide can wave & say "hi" when prompted (well more like when prompted and she feels like it) She can also sign & say "up". She loves sitting & playing with her toys. She loves especially to hold blocks and pass them from hand to hand. You can often see her practicing wrists movements and bouncing or if excitement of seeing people she loves. She can now jump really really high in her jumper.

Clairvaux is more adventurous than ever. She is army crawling around the whole toy room when she wants to. She LOVES to stand and will stiffen her back when you try to sit her up in the hopes that you will hold her to stand. She can stand for very long periods of time holding onto something and she is just now finding balance when she takes one hand off. She is learning to pull herself up to stand & just yesterday she took a few steps while standing with her walker.

They are growing so fast we can barely believe it. We love you forever and ever, Clairvaux & Adelaide!