Using Tech to Keep Up with Family

**this post is dedicated to Clairvaux & Adelaide's maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother who share a birthday today 🎉  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!**

Ry & I don't have much family in town. I have some second cousins, first cousins once removed & my great uncle--all of whom I wish I were closer to but it can still be tough not having immediate family in town. All of our siblings and parents still live in the Bay Area, CA. As such, we have to use some of that Silicon Valley tech. Here are our favorite ways to keep up with our fambam:

1. FaceTime: This one is an absolute favorite. I FaceTime my dad everyday & very often others. The calls aren't long but they give family a chance to see my girls in action. They also provide C & A a chance to bear and recognize their voices. They definitely know when I'm on the phone with their grandpa, it's so cute. 
2. Icloud photo sharing: this enables us to share photos instantly with any family members who have an iCloud account. This is great! Of course we have social media but the fact is you're not going to post those small everyday photos that only family really appreciates. With this photo sharing, I can take a picture, send it to the account with two clicks & it is instantly shared to everyone's phones. They can like and comment on it, too. It's like an instant social media.
3. Instagram Story (or Snapchat): I'm always uploading small videos that might not be worth it to store on my phone, to Instagram. They're just small snippets of my day that I can easily capture without forfeiting memory & any interested family member can follow along when they see fit.


How do you keep up with your family out of town?