Valentine's Day Crafts *Babies Edition*

Anytime a woman suggests doing crafts with your babies, she is a saint. 

I have a wonderful and amazing friend. She texted me this week about getting together and she thought it would be a great idea to make Valentine's Day crafts from our kids to our husbands. That idea alone is adorable, and the fact that I forgot I could do such cute things with my babies is a shame in and of itself. I immediately agreed.

My babes and I trekked over to her house. & she had all the supplies ready. I decided I was going to do separate cards from each girls to Ryan and then a big craft from both of them which Ryan could frame and put in his office.

Originally, when I looked at Pinterest for baby crafts for Valentine's Day, I saw tons of adorable ones with baby hands and feet. My friend pointed out that my girls, at six months old, would not be good at keeping their fingers spaced for a nice handprint, so I should stick to feet. It was the best advice.

So I kept to three ideas all using foot prints. 

1. The first one was Clairvaux's craft. I liked the idea of making her foot print into a lady bug with hearts. We affectionately call Clairvaux "Vauxbug" so I wanted her foot print to become a "love bug". My friend held Clairvaux while I painted her foot. I'm pretty sure it tickled but C was a champ about it. I pressed her foot down and I learned a second important lesson: dot the toes heavily with paint so they make a better impression. My first attempt made it look like Clairvaux had no toes at all. After her foot print dried I used Sharpie to make it into a lovebug. On the outside of the card I wrote, "Daddy, will you be my..." and on the inside under the foot print I wrote "LOVE BUG?" and then on the other page I included a short message from Clairvaux to Ryan.

2. The second one was Adelaide's craft. Adelaide was a bumble bee for Halloween and she truly loved her costume. I decided to make her foot print into a bee! Adelaide's foot was painted by my friend while I fed C. (C always gets hungry at the worst times). I wrote on the outside, "Daddy, will you..." and on the inside, "BEE my VALENTINE?" right by the bumble bee foot print. I also included a short message from Adelaide.

3. The last craft was from both, so I took a foot print from each and made them into a heart shape. I cut it out and pasted it onto a sheet that read "We <3 You, Daddy, from the tops of our heads to the tips of our toes! Happy Valentine's Day!" This turned out great.

To be honest, these crafts were so simple but it took so long as we were wrangling 4 under 3 between the two of us. In the two hours I was there, we fed my babies their bottles, woke her baby up from a nap, fed her son two kind-of meals, and rocked my babies to sleep, and diverted babies away from stepping or grabbing the wet paint countless times. It was a mess. But it was the best kind of mess. It was the kind of mess that is born out of the pure desire to do something nice. It was the kind of mess that brings you closer and reminds you why it's important to have friends who don't need everything to be perfect but are going to live in the crazy with you--the kind of friends who help you make something beautiful out of a mess of a day.

I was planning this blog, so Ryan got to see  them early and he LOVED them. I let the girls physically hold them and give them to him. They smiled at his smiles of their work :)

Here are the final results.

DIYAmy O'Connell