C & A are Seven Months Old Today!

My babies are growing up! 

The last month has been yet another huge month of growth. They each now have four teeth. They are pacifier-weaned and sleep trained. They are back to sleeping 12 hours a night, and, unless they are teething, they take two two-hour naps for me every day. YASSS. They are professional sitters and starting to be on the move. They are smilier, more vocal and starting to love their solid foods. They are both obsessed with their dog, Tilly. They could care less about their cat, Tallou.

Adelaide has figured out how to actually jump in her jumper as opposed to swaying. She will give kisses to you on purpose now. She signs "up" when she wants to be held. She is practicing saying "mama" and "dada". She is indifferent towards her solid food but loves her bottle. She likes to wiggle and do jumping jacks in her crib when I get her in the morning. She loves playing with her toys and discovers something new every day. Recently, it's been passing her toys from one hand to the other and practicing all movements of her wrist. She loves music and listens when her dad sings to her. She is starting to like her bath time. She is such a joy.

Clairvaux is just cute as can be. She loves to sway. She will sway (in rhythm!) along to any song you play or sing to her. She is starting to mimic more now. She is good with tummy time and can scoot and army crawl a couple of feet. She likes playing with her toys, especially waving them in the air. She still usually looks very pensive but anytime she makes eyes with you, she'll lock in and give you a smile that will melt your heart. She is sweet and loves to gently put her hand on my mouth so I'll kiss it. She is doing GREAT with solids and is ready to add another meal to her daily routine. She likes looking at the books when we read to her and then will look at us when she sees an animal like she knows we will make the sound. She has irreplaceable spot in our family.

Happy Seven Months, Clairvaux and Adelaide! I love you forever. Love, your Mama & Daddy.