DIY Review: Letterboard for Under $25

I have been eyeing a letterboard for a while , so I finally looked up the prices the other week and I was shocked. I mean, they're cool and useful, but the price was a little steep for my budget.


A few days later, I'm pretty convinced my super creepy phone that always keeps tabs on what I'm looking at, informed google of my desire for a letterboard as a DIY Pinterest article was advertised to me.


I tried this tutorial out, along with my friend. We did it so you can do it better. You can find the whole tutorial here:


A few notable differences between my friend & I: she follows directions exactly and precisely. I don't. Keep that in mind while reading what worked for us.


So first of all, the tutorial is good and precise in the materials section. You need to be equally as precise when buying the stuff. Get the exact measurements. Except if you get a 8.5 x 11 instead then we recommend getting 3/4in letters instead of 1in.


The first step is hard. You have to measure and cut a billion wooden dowels. We didn't believe that we needed a saw to cut it so we tried using scissors and then a slicer. Our wrists hurt a lot, the entire floor became filled with wood chips and it took so much more time than if we would have just gotten them cut with a saw. 


The next part you you think will be easier, but it's not. You have to hot glue the dowels EXACTLY 1/8 of an inch apart from each other. You need to measure and glue precisely. Do not do this step inside of the frame, you will have to start over. Do not assume you can eyeball what 1/8th of an inch looks like, you will have to start over. Make sure you buy the square wooden dowels, not circular, or the whole project won't work. This part is time-consuming and made us want to give up. 


After you you think you're finally done with the hard part, the tutorial informs you that now is time for the hardest part! You have to tuck the felt in between the dowels while holding onto the fabric so it does not come undone. I recommend having a ruler and something else to stab the line above. Make sure you keep your fabric straight or you will have to start over. Make sure your dowels are the right spacing or you will break the whole project and have to start over.


Now that you're about to lose your mind, you cut off the extra bits of felt and insert it into the frame. This is the part where you get really happy because it looks amazing & you wonder why you ever doubted yourself or thought that maybe it wasn't worth it. It's definitely worth it. It's just not a beginner's craft. I recommend some wine to deal with the frustration of having to give it a few tries before getting it right.


Hopefully with our tips, you can complete this project with less failures than us. & congratulations you just saved a lot of money and gained a sense of accomplishment!

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