3 Easy Steps We Took & Saved $100 on our Weekly Grocery Bill

We used to spend almost $200 a week on groceries. Which is ridiculous since we really only have two eaters. In that grocery budget however, I have to admit I included all household and hygenic items I might have picked up at the grocery store.

Recently, I was chatting with a friend about how proud I was to be spending about $100 a week to $80 a week on groceries. I had already taken a step towards reducing my bill and I was pleased with the outcome. She looked at me baffled and said, "$200 is my grocery bill for the whole month." I was SHOCKED, especially because her family had four eaters in it. 

So she shared with me some of her secrets and combined with mine I was able to get all the food I used to get for less than $50 a week. It's been life-changing.


1. Eat simple. Strict diets are tough but they give you a lot more freedom when it comes to your grocery bill. Since our base diet is mainly meat, potatoes, veggies and fruit, we save a lot just by eating this way. Aside from milk, cereal, and a dessert for our cheat times, there is no other reason to leave the produce section. We go down less aisles, we are tempted to buy from less aisles. We don't separate "lunch" food from dinner food, and we shaved about $50-$60 off our grocery bill just by changing our diet.

2. Don't be afraid to shop around. I know, I know. As busy as life gets, most of the time I'm looking for ways to go to less places, not more. But, if you get to know the deals really well, it is worth an extra couple of trips a week. For us, we get our meat at Costco. Because of the type of meat we like and how often our meals accompany meat, I find this to be the best deal. We spend about $40 a month on meat from Costco so that is $10 a week. It's also nice because in my opinion we get the most out of their diapers, wipes and formula as well. We go to Fry's to get milk, cereal and a dessert. We get our produce elsewhere.

3. Find a local Farmer's market. This was the best tip my friend gave me. Since so much of our diet is fruits and veggies, we were able to save A TON, on our bill by going to the farmer's market. I went to the one on Power Road in Gilbert and I was able to buy $60 worth of produce for $19 including tax. They had deals like 2lbs of tomatoes for $1. Or 2lbs of bananas for fifty cents. It was amazing. I also like the idea of buying locally and supporting the community. The only downside is that the fruits and veggies don't last as long. So either onl buy a week at a time or invest in a freezer sealer. 


Share with me your tips, as well!