5 Husband-Approved Chick Flicks

Written by: Ryan O'Connell. Husband of Amy O'Connell. Father to our daughters. Enthusiastic supporter of Our Family Fiat. Resident Filmmaker at Life Teen. Basketball fanatic. Generally hilarious. Sucks at Wheel of Fortune.


So you want to have a fun night in with your red-blooded American husband, but you don't want to spend an hour browsing Netflix and arguing about what to watch that usually ends in, "I just don't understand how you're making rash judgements based on a picture and a two-sentence description". 

The struggle is real. And I'm tired of trying to convince Amy that Die Hard is a romantic movie about a flawed, but endearing man's journey to win back his estranged wife's heart (by killing Germans with his bare hands). 

So here are 5 chick flicks that I legitimately love and your man will too. If your husband doesn't believe that he'll like any of these titles, just show him this list and I promise to take all the blame if he ends up dry heaving in the middle of one. In fact, he can even call me to complain at 1-800 I PROMISED MY WIFE I'D WRITE THIS BLOG AND I'M DOING THE BEST I CAN (I have an office in Prague so it's a long number). 

1. As Good As It Gets

It's the odd pairing of Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt that is somehow magic. And it's really funny. Jack Nicholson is a novelist - and a sexist pig - who gets straightened out by the incredibly endearing Helen Hunt. In the meantime, Jack gets off some hysterical and classic lines about womens' occasional tendency to be hyper-emotional that are guaranteed to make your man laugh (but you can't give him the stink-eye; that's not fair). 

2. Just Friends

True story, I pulled this off the shelf at Blockbuster (back when that was a thing) when I was with my dad because I thought Ryan Reynolds in a fat suit could be really funny. My dad scoffed, and only walked out of the store with it because we grabbed a just-in-case action movie as well. Well we loved it and I don't think I've ever seen my dad laugh harder in my life. And my dad has had a mustache for the last 40 years (in case you needed his masculine credentials). 

3. 500 Days Of Summer

It's a chick flick told from a guy's perspective and written by men who don't like chick flicks. And it's wonderful. 

4. Silver Linings Playbook

Bradley Cooper is no Hugh Grant (meaning, men like him on screen) and Jennifer Lawrence is always engaging (I mean mildly entertaining ... or not ... "honey, how much am I allowed to like Jennifer Lawrence?"). Both characters are neurotic and choleric personalities from the Northeast - meaning they speak their mind with no filter and it's hilarious. 

5. He's Just Not That Into You 

Based on a book that says everything a man ever wanted to say to a woman about the dating scene (but couldn't), it's fresh, fun, and very cathartic for guys who are tired of women reading way too far into their actions. And Justin Long is awesome and underrated. 

Honorable Mention: The Matrix

If you haven't seen this ladies it's a quirky romance staring Keanu Reeves as a dorky shut-in who is way too into computers who crosses paths with a fierce Carrie-Anne Moss who believes he can be so much more. Along the way they bond over kung-fu, leather jackets, and a mutual distaste for robots. The whole thing is very cute. (Men, you're welcome).