10 Times Making Mom Friends is Exactly Like Dating

Play dates are the real deals, guys!! I never knew about the inside world of mom friending. But now that I do, I'd like everyone to know that it is literally like dating someone.

1. When you see another mom who you think you might get along with and you're crushin'.

2. When you're drafting the first text and rewrite it several times because you don't want to seem weird.

3. When you get to the day of the play date and you freak out because you don't even really know this person and they could be crazy.

4. When you like your mom friend but your kids are on different nap schedules.

5. When you like your mom friend but your kids don't play together well.

6. When you realize their parenting style just can't coexist with yours peacefully.

7. When you "bring them home" and hope that the husbands like each other.

8. When you want to affirm the relationship but don't want to seem too needy.

9. When you find out they don't care that your house isn't clean

10. When you like them, they like you, your kids like each other, your parenting style matches well, you have an ability to not judge each other, and your spouses like each other too...

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