5 Ideas for a Great Date Night-In

It is so tough to go out on dates these days. Ry & I have gone on less than a handful since having our little bundles of joy. In the mean time, however, we've had some amazing date nights in! Here some of the O'Connell faves, (and please share with us yours, we're always looking for new ideas)

1. Game Night-  Now this one sounds pretty typical, but you'd be really surprised at how much fun you can have when you ditch Netflix and your phone and just play together. A recent favorite is a trivia game called "BezzerWizzer". I like it because Ryan gets to competitive at knowing trivia. It's kind of fun to beat him ;)

2. Family Karaoke Night: This may not be on the list for everyone but its an O'Connell favorite. For our karaoke night, we hook up a mic to our soundbar and play Karaoke songs from youtube on the tv. The sillier it is the better it is! Make eye contact, dance around, dedicate yourself fully to the song and you will soon find that your night is buried in laughter. My favorite part of this date idea is that we can start when the babies are still awake. We just put them in their exersaucers and they sway to the music! This significantly adds to the time we can spend together as we get tired very quickly after putting the girls to bed.

3. The Get to Know You Date: We are firm believers that there's always more to learn about each other. For this date, we each write a list of ten to twenty questions. If you're not feeling creative enough, there are plenty of ideas on the internet. Then crack open a bottle of wine and take turns answering questions. You will honestly be surprised at how many interesting conversations come up and how many things there are that you still didn't know about your spouse. This is great because each new thing you learn about your spouse is a new thing to love about them.

4. Netflix and Dessert Date:  We typically try to stay away from TV, but Ryan is a filmmaker and I enjoy movies so this inevitably makes its way into our rotation. Although it can be hard to agree on which movie to watch (I only have patience for so many action movies), you would be amazed at how much it can bring you together. Your stomach will be happy with the dessert, and then you can silently snuggle while enjoying a film. Afterwards, you have something new to talk about and dissect or laugh about together,

5. Cooking Together Date: Why not make a chore more fun! If done correctly, cooking together allows you time to talk and the ability to be productive. Keep the mood light-hearted. Instead of splitting up tasks for efficiency, do everything at the same time. The bonus is that at the end you get a great sense of accomplishment. Maybe you can even bake a treat to enjoy afterwards.

Also keep in mind this one simple rule: PUT AWAY YOUR PHONE. Seriously, be present to each other and you will connect more than you do with anyone online :)

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