Spotlight: C & A's nursery

When I was pregnant with sweet daughters, I felt a deep need to prepare for them. It was only a matter of weeks before I looked at my husband and demanded we move out of the apartment and into a home where our girls could have their own room.

It feels kind of silly looking back how carefully I prepared their nursery when they've only just started to use it. But I know that I needed that time to prepare for them. I carefully chose my theme, decor ideas and researched the best finds for furniture. I envisioned a plan. Now, I had budgeted to buy most of the decor, but for some reason I felt a real urge to make everything I could. It was a real labor of love. I spent hours and hours perfecting all the little details. My sister flew out for a week from California to help me paint and set everything up. I am SO pleased with the way it turned out.

Looking back, I see how important those moments were to me. It helped me feel connected to my daughters before even meeting them. It was a way for me to get my mind off of the rough pregnancy I had and focus on the end in sight--I was already a mother.

So here are a few of my favorite highlights from my garden-themed nursery:

The "C" is for baby Clairvaux. I spray painted her letter gold. For her mobile, I had a couple friends come over and help. We had a styrofoam circle which we wrapped lace onto. We bought a bunch of fake flowers from Michaels and hot glued them on and then we hung the little flowers from invisible string.

Using leftover flowers from Clairvaux's mobile, I hot glued them to Adelaide's letter. I tried my best to keep to light pinks, peaches, creams and salmon colors, with splashes of gold here and there. For Adelaide's mobile I got a sewing circle, some left over leaves from all the fake flowers, and a packet of wooden butterflies from Michaels. I spray painted them all gold and hung the leaves and butterflies from invisible string.

The nightstand was given to me by a dear friend. All I did was spray paint the knobs gold. The candle was a gift. & my mom made that beautiful frame of an ultrasound of the girls as our baby shower gift. You can see Clairvaux waving in on Adelaide's picture at the top of the ultrasound.

The lampshade actually took a huge amount of effort. I bought the fabric from Walmart actually and then cut it into one inch wide pieces. I twisted and folded the pieces in a spiral motion, hot gluing them along the way so they look like flowers and then gluing them to the shade. I found this one on Pinterest. The original lady has a great tutorial here:

Can we all just take a second to acknowledge the beauty of the wallpaper? I mean I just love it and every time I walk in the room and see it I get all heart-eyes. It really brings the whole room together.

This little section was a labor of love from my husband. I'm all about utilizing every space. So I had him remove the closet doors and put in a dresser. I found this dresser at an antique trove shop for a really good price. It was brown and kind of ugly but I loved the general french feel of the hardware. Ryan spent days sanding it and painting it for our sweet girls.  The signs of their names was a baby shower decoration my friend made and she let us keep! It fits so well here.

Of course we didn't make this banner. But it was a great target buy and it makes the entry so much more perfect.

Another thing I love about the nursery is that while the decor is gender-specific, the paint and wall paper is not. So if we want to have a more masculine or different theme in the future, we can easily adapt.

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