Happy Six Months Clairvaux & Adelaide!

Today my sweet baby girls are SIX months old! Oh man, where in the world has the time gone?

They each have two teeth. They now know how to sit unassisted fairly consistently (for maybe fifteen minutes now?). So almost real sitters! We've also officially witnessed them rolling from back to tummy. They can mimic almost any sound we make. & they are laughing much longer and easier than before! They are now taking three naps a day for at least an hour each. This is a HUGE gift for me :) Unfortunately, they are back to wanting a nighttime feeding. & teething has made them harder to please than normal but they still are the happiest and chillest babies I know.

In the last month, they have visited California, had their first Christmas, first New Years, first (and second and third) visits to the zoo, and first time swinging and going down a slide. They have play dates and love their friends. They still love any time Ryan sings, and definitely have an interest in music. They have had little tastes of food and some food exploration already. They love it but make the funniest faces while tasting :) It has been so fun to watch them grow!


Adelaide is very interested in language. She likes to practice talking and mimic our sounds. She is still a great smiler. & she knows her dad will always laugh if she makes a fart sound with her mouth. It's sooo funny. 

Clairvaux is an official scooter. She can move a couple of feet forward when wanting a toy, but still not a crawler as she's not up on all fours. Vauxie LOVES the tastes of food she's been getting and I think she's going to love making solids a regular part of her daily routine this next month.

We are so excited to see what month seven has in store for them!

& just because everyone can enjoy some outtakes... It's a tough job taking photos of these two.