5 Low-Key Ways to Start Family Traditions

Something I've kept close in my mind since the birth of my girls is that the routines we make now are creating familial habits which will feed into our family traditions. I try to be really intentional, thus, about what we prioritize as a family and how.

Although I have many ideas for future traditions, incorporating our faith and the liturgical year, there are a few key ways I've started little routines already in the hopes of creating some habits and family traditions.

1. The first of which is sitting down for family dinner. Ever since the girls were five months old, we've been sitting them in their bumbos and letting them join us for dinner. It's been really neat to see them grow in interest for dinner. At first, they didn't notice much of what was going on. Slowly but surely they have started to notice that we pray together and eat together. The girls take great interest in what we are eating and watching us chew. We've even given them a taste of food here and there or put a banana on their plate just to let them explore it while we eat. It is so nice to have that time together as a family & I look forward to future times when we can entertain family discussions and talk about important (or silly) things together.

2. The second is something we're playing with  and trying to develop further. It is the night time bed routine. Right now, we give them their bottles, bundle them into their sleep sacks, carry them upstairs, lay them in the bassinet, say some prayers and then walk away and they drift off right to sleep. I would LOVE to consistently start reading a nighttime story or have them take a bath (God knows they need more baths hahaha). I'd love if you guys posted some comments n your family bed time routine so we can glean some more ideas.

3. Family music time. This one is close to the top. Ryan is a wonderful singer/songwriter and musician. His instrument of choice is guitar. He loves playing his guitar to the girls and singing them songs. They LOVE to listen. They just watch him and giggle and smile. It is the most adorable thing ever. I love to watch, but if it's a familiar enough song sometimes I'll join in singing. Occasionally our girls like to sing (yell) too. :) We do this every night when Ryan comes home from work.

4. This tradition is by far my most favorite. It started before we were married or had children. I used to call them #saturdayadventures. Basically, I love seeing new places or going somewhere and exploring. My husband loves taking pictures. So, we would try to go somewhere new every weekend. I would explore and he would take lots of pictures and we would both be happy. When we had our two babies, we didn't leave the house for quite some time. But once we got a handle on things, I realized how much I missed these outings. Even though it now takes several hours to pack, and getting anywhere is difficult with feedings, we prioritize going new places and seeing new things, especially places of beauty. Now not only is our prize for us, but we get to see our children enjoy it too. Most of the time they nap through the best parts, but every so often they wake up and see a glimpse of the beauty before them, and to see their little eyes behold something new is quite amazing. I hope we keep going beautiful places and that it becomes a staple of our family. 

I truly believe that beauty leads us to wonder, wonder leads us to wisdom and wisdom leads us to love. To more family traditions!!