January: Whole30

Each month of 2017, I intend to try something out that will help me become healthier, physically more fit, spiritually more in tune, more present, less clumsy, more intentional, etc. I will update about it on here. 

For the month of January, I figured, why not be as basic as possible? So I am doing the Whole30. So far I love it! I mean as much as one can love not eating any of their favorite foods. My husband & I started the Whole 30 on January 2nd so we could finish eating all our Christmas goodies before cutting it all out. We will end on January 31st.

Background info:
-Basically I have the biggest sweet tooth out of anyone I know, other than maybe my dad. I love sugar and sweets and chocolate and dessert. The world is such a beautiful place with dessert in it. I love making all meals dessert meals, like when you have cinnamon french toast and call it "breakfast". America is so beautiful like that.
-With my daughters turning six months old in January (and us wanting to try baby-led weaning), I wanted to have healthier options on hand. So I knew it was time trade in my precious chocolate for colors and greens.
-Being six months post partum, I wanted to feel healthier and help improve my body self-esteem.
-I have previously done the Arbonne detox and it was okay, but this was much better

What I love so far:
-It has forced me to do serious meal prep
-I have actually saved money on our grocery bill
-I have lost weight (okay Whole30 isn't about losing weight, but if you don't think it's a nice perk then you're crazy)
-It has connected Ryan and I more, as we commiserate together
-I feel more awake and able to do things. I have the energy to check things off my "to-do" list.

What's been awful:
-not eating my favorite foods. Ugh.
-having to clean up all. the. dishes.
-stupid pinterest meals that claim "10 minute prep" for who?!?! Just cutting chicken breast takes me forty minutes.
-thinking I like the taste of my food now only to walk to the mall and cinnabon and be reminded of THE TRUTH.

All in all, I'm going to keep it up through January and then some. I basically plan on this being our base diet, but being looser. Like it's not the end of the world if I have a dinner roll or sprinkle cheese on top of a few things here and there. Also, I need one cheat day a week, probably Sunday because Sunday and donuts go together so perfectly.

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